APEX is a full service, licensed, insured residential appraisal company. 
We appraise single and multi-family dwellings, executive homes, 
town homes, condos, duplexes, land and lakeshore properties.
We appraise properties for convetional mortgage or refinancing, 
FHA, PMI removal, divorce and property valuation.
 The following is a list of types of appraisals.
If you are not sure
what type of appraisal you need,
contact us and we can assist you.

Full Appraisals: URAR 1004 ($350), Condo Form ($350), FHA ($450)
Limited Appraisals: Form 2055 Exterior ($250)
Drive-By Appraisals: Forms 704, 2070, 2075 ($225)
Multi-Family Residential Dwellings: Duplex ($575)
Single Family Schedules:1007 Rent Survey ($125),OIS Form 216 ($75)

Phone: 952.922.5996         Fax: 952.922.7323